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The Contributions to the Western Civilization Essays

The Contributions to the Western Civilization Essays The Contributions to the Western Civilization Essay The Contributions to the Western Civilization Essay The Contributions to the western civilization Ashley Stewart 5/1/11 Professor Hammond Strayer University The Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, have made great contributions to develop the Western Civilization. The legacy that they’ve left was religion, knowledge, and government. The Hebrews contributed the religious aspect, the Greeks contributed knowledge and government, and the Romans contributed one must have an understanding of the ancient Greek culture, or else considered governing methods to Western Civilization. Its said that to understand our culture ignorant. sherer44). The Hebrews shaped the very core of Western Civilization. Author Thomas Cahill has recently produced a historical account, The Gifts of the Jews, which explores in depth the contributions of early Judaism to the thought patterns and social structure of present-day orders. A review of his work states that Within the matrix of ancient religions and philosophies, life was seen as part of an endless cycle of bi rth and death; time was like a wheel, spinning ceaselessly. Yet somehow the ancient Jews began to see time differently. For them, time had a beginning and an end; it was a narrative, whose triumphant conclusion would come in the future. From this insight came a new conception, that of men and women as individuals with unique destinies a conception that would inform the Declaration of Independence and our hopeful belief in progress and the sense that tomorrow can be better than today. ( The West would not have been the same without Jewish contributions that celebrated concepts such as absolute morality, self-improvement, and the striving to comprehend the forces that shape ones existence. These innovative notions permitted the Hebrews to endure throughout millennia of oppression and foreign dominance and reform their state into todays Israel, one of the top ten nations in the world in terms of military might and economic sophistication. The Greeks was creating colonies around the coast of Greece. /Instead of constructing the columns to be straight, they built them using gentle curves making everything appear more symmetrical. The two different architectural styles in ancient Greece were the Doric and Ionic. The earliest of the buildings were designed in the Doric style, such as the Parthenon. The Doric columns are rather sturdy yet plain. The ionic Columns were built thinner and more elegant. The tops of them had a scroll like structure, unlike the flat Doric style. Buildings such as the Erechtheum and the small temple of Athena were built in the Ionic style. Its to the Greeks we owe for their architectural innovations to western civilization The Greeks were very passionate about athletics. They took pride in the perfect human physique: strong, fit, cut, graceful human bodies.

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Dock Line Terms and Best Practices for Securing Your Boat

Dock Line Terms and Best Practices for Securing Your Boat Plenty of poorly secured boats have floated away from the dock after a shift in weather or tide. It happens to everyone once, but after the first time, youll want to learn the basics. To understand how to tie a boat up securely, you need to understand basic boat architecture and terms. These are quite basic, so most of you may already know many of these terms. However, it never hurts to review them. Lets start with the two basic lines that hold each boat to the tying fixtures on the dock. If you are tying to a buoy then you want to review mooring basics since our current discussion is about tying to docks. Bow Line The bow line runs from a cleat or chock and over the forward gunwale, where the line should be fitted with a chafe guard. The line is then finally secured to the tying fixture on the dockside which could be a cleat, bollard, post, or ring. The knot required will vary according to the tie point. Stern Line The stern line is attached to the stern tying fixture that is closest to the dock. Securing the stern from the outboard tying fixture or a central bit is not recommended since it will be more difficult to retain tension. A chafe guard can also be used here, but the stern line moves over the gunwale much less than at the bow. In situations where the boat is in a slip or berth, then the second set of lines is attached to hold the boat in a central position. Lines should be tied tightly unless a spring line is used. Spring Lines A single spring line makes a boat much more secure, so its highly recommended. There are two types of spring lines: forward springs and aft springs. The name of a spring line refers to which direction it is traveling when leaving the boat. So a forward spring travels from the stern forward from one-half to one-third of the vessel length before being secured to the dock. The forward spring brings the stern of the boat close to the face wall by pulling forward. An aft spring line travels from the bow or forward gunwale back to the dock with a length about half the length of the vessel. An aft spring is best rigged after a forward spring to keep tension even throughout all lines. Spring lines are useful to keep winds that are parallel to the dock from pulling the vessel away from its position. Tides and Tying There are plenty of devices of various qualities made to secure boats against tidal forces, but your regular dock lines will do the job if you know how to rig them correctly. Bow and stern lines need to be long enough to slack and keep the vessel from pulling the tying fixtures free. In some cases, boats can sink from poor tidal planning, so be careful and check the tide charts for your area. Spring lines will keep the vessel in position horizontally as long as they are set to the correct length, which should be barely tight at low tide.

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Abu Dhabi Police Department Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Abu Dhabi Police Department - Research Proposal Example The trend for standardization and integration has been reflected through the compliance to the requirements, various benefits which are normally observed through the provision of greater conformity within an organization, its effectiveness, and the overall efforts of developing separate systems of management. The management systems are usually treated as autonomous functions within organizations/ institutions. However, most of the professionals tend to think that it is possible to bring together and harmonise the three management systems: OHSAS 18001 OHSMS, ISO 14001 EMS and ISO 9001 QMS. This paper will therefore focus on the various management practices in the police department of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In addition, a clear strategy for the implementation of an integrated system in the organization will be developed and outlined in the paper.... Abu Dhabi Police department is envisioned to become an effectual police force in the policing field which promptly responds to the needs of the society with a high level of training and integrity (Trent 1998, pp.32). In order to achieve the stated vision, the directorate is usually guided by a number of values which include: respect for human rights, honesty and integrity. In relation to this, the study will focus on finding out the quality management and the organization management. This will play a vital role in the development of approaches which will assist in the general performance of Abu Dhabi Police. 1.2 Statement of the Problem The Emirates population is expected to massively rise in the upcoming years. This is greatly attributed to the boom in the tourism industry. Therefore, crime rate is expected to go up as the population increases. Abu Dhabi police has established organizational change and quality management to deal with the expected rise in crime rate (Trent 1998). Despite the police department's involvement in quality management and organizational management, there have been limited suggestions / ideas on how to improve the general performance of the organization. 1.3 Purpose of the Study The study will access the quality management and change management in Abu Dhabi Police department. Having accessed the quality and change management, a number of recommendations will be provided in order to improve the overall performance of Abu Dhabi Police and ensure that it functions to the benefit of the general public. 1.4 Objective of the Study To find out the Quality management involved in Abu Dhabi Police department, To determine the change management involved in Abu Dhabi Police

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Proposal on a Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Proposal on a Leadership - Essay Example This essay stresses constructivist theory is gaining more attention, recognition and acceptance in many educational institutions. It premises on the belief that learners â€Å"construct† their own learning, and in effect, have better retention of it. â€Å"In the Constructivist theory the emphasis is placed on the learner or the student rather than the teacher or the instructor. It is the learner who interacts with objects and events and thereby gains an understanding of the features held by such objects or events. The learner, therefore, constructs his/her own conceptualizations and solutions to problems. Learner autonomy and initiative is accepted and encouraged.† From the research it is clear that encouraging students to come up with their own ideas may be in the ambit of the teachers within the school premises. However, a bigger problem may lie outside school, specifically when the students go back to the Heronwood community. The school, then, in envisioning success for such learner-centred learning must engage the community, most specifically the students’ parents and family members in supporting the students’ activities. Teachers must inculcate in the parents the significance of their cooperation and support if they indeed want their children to reach for bigger dreams and empower them with the idea that they are capable of it. The bleak introduction of the case study described the town of Heronwood to be one of almost impoverished citizens, considering the high unemployment rate.

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Raves :: Free Essay Writer

Raves What is a rave? A rave usually refers to an all night party, open to the general public, where loud â€Å"techno† music is mostly played and many people can partake in a number of different chemicals (Official). Raves are fairly decent and you don’t hear much about them on the streets. Yet some people who go to the raves try to sell their drugs to ravers and that’s what makes the word rave so bad. Because of those people Mayor Daley has planned crack down on jailing building owners and managers who let their properties be used for raves where drugs are peddled. They approved of this Thursday, April 19, 2001. The range for jail term runs from two weeks to six months (Rave). But why are raves getting the reputation they are? Raves are getting bad reputations because of the drug peddlers that go to the raves to sell their ecstasy and stamina enhancing drugs. According to a website called Dancesafe.com ecstasy is a safe drug if you stay away from the listed k inds of ecstasy. The parents of the kids going to these raves are not saying a word about the drug situation there. They still let their kids go because they know it is safer than being out on the street or at some drinking party getting drunk and then having the risk of them driving home. If you ask me raves aren’t so bad, I’ve been to several of them and out of all of the ones I have gone I have only seen two peddlers selling X. They were all-night raves and tons of people and everyone was all wired and dancing and moving around like mad. â€Å"It’s a love circle, It’s like a 1960’s scene – all the races together, dancing, having a communal experience.† says Laze (Gracia). At raves there are different rooms. One room is the main room where the dancing goes on and all the music is spun and where most of the people are. Some of the music that is played there is House, Techno (most common), breakbeat, Trance, Tribal, and Progressive. The visual eff ects and a lot at the raves. Most of them use laser shows, others use laser that goes with the beat, and of course the classic strobe light. Then there is another room called the â€Å"cool down room† where you can buy water and energy drinks and sit down and talk to all the other ravers there and meet different girls and stuff.

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Followed †creative writing Essay

The streets of London enclosed this humble infant. Unaware of where he is; where his mummy is, he continued to patrol the distant streets. The exhaustion of the young boy is unbearable to think of. Although unfamiliar with his surroundings he continued to walk, crying with anticipation: where is he? Freddy had been visiting London for the first time with his adorable mum. They got on so well. His mum was a rather rounded figure with big blue eyes and elongated eyelashes to balance her silhouette. She was a comical woman always entertaining her companions. Never a dull moment when she was around. Freddy loved her with all his heart and hoped he was just dreaming. Freddy and his mum were visiting sights in London, but he wasn’t happy with this. He despised it, the thought of walking around all day long; looking at tedious buildings that all appeared identical made him aggravated; what was the point? â€Å"Live life while you can! † is what his mum used to say to him. † What’s the point spending a beautiful Sunday morning indoors while you can be outdoors, celebrating the beauty of our capital city! † Nothing could ever bring her down†¦ even Freddy’s bad behaviour. He thought it would just be about influential buildings, powerful statues and overcrowded town centres! But more was to come†¦ When they first arrived, Freddy was being rather disrespectful; mocking fellow tourists, giving his mum the cold shoulder and even locking himself in the cafi bathroom! But his mum understood, she always did. Freddy walked and walked, not enjoying the scenery; with hope he would soon find somewhere appealing. As he continued to trek, he noticed the reflection of a daunting old man on the trunk of a passing car. The reflection seemed lifeless yet full of hatred and anger. His long black slimy hair wrapped across his large forehead with blue eyes just visible beneath it. He was wearing a long black leather jacket almost touching the floor with a large shiny object poking out from the inside pocket. He could see his full length jacket flapping from side to side as it harmonized with the rhythm his walk. He appeared to be a tall man with big broad shoulders yet with a petite frame. His image seemed worthy of that of a monster. Freddy stopped. Looked for his mum, she was nowhere to be seen. He peered over his right shoulder, to what seemed like his worst nightmare. Hastily attempting to rush through a crowd of passing pedestrians trying to get away as quickly as possible. But suddenly he tripped to found himself landing on the rotting pavement. His pulse now increasing as if his heart was being snatched out of his chest then receiving a brutal punch to the whole in which was left. Blood was rushing from his head to his toes and back and forth, back and forth. Quickly rising to his feet he continues to run, running faster and faster, trying to find somewhere to hide. Scared that if he stops, the old man would catch him, torture him, hurt him, the thought was unbearable. The poor little boy was petrified, trembling with fear, looking for somewhere to escape to. He glimpsed behind his shoulder and to his surprise the man had gone. â€Å"What just happened? † Freddy distraughtly thought to himself. Was it a hallucination caused by his mum’s disappearance, or was it real, was that man really there? Freddy now tried to stay in places where people were around, but his racing mind couldn’t shoot nasty thoughts out his head. He wanted his mum to be there so desperately, she; his best friend, he needed her now. â€Å"I need to find her! † he thought to himself. But where was he to start? He was in a city he did not know his way round of and eventually remembered his mum saying that if something happened and she wasn’t around then to meet her just off Oxford street at a cafi called ‘Don’marche’. â€Å"Quick! I have to get there now! † Rapidly gazing behind the peculiar cardboard box he was hidden behind, he checked both ways to make sure that the man wasn’t around, once left, once right, and again just to be sure. Once he had the reassurance he wasn’t around, his legs where already in motion trying to get back to his original destination. After a few moments of none stop running, he heard a familiar sound from behind. Turning round slowly to see if he could see it, he noticed a shadow upon the wall. A shadow with large broad shoulders but yet with a petite frame, a shadow of extreme familiarity but not that of good familiarity but that of a horrific familiarity already experienced by Freddy. Freddy’s immediate reaction was to run, but that of the gaze coming from the man is too strong to pull away from. The contact between the two if disrupt able and yet strangely comforting, but only for the fact that his eyes are big and blue with beautiful elongated eyelashes, just like those, that stare at him daily with love and care. After a moment of bewilder ness he hears a screaming voice coming from the bottom of the road, he peers over the mans right shoulder to see a rather rounded figure running up the road. Elation fills Freddy’s heart. His shoulders start to relax and the view of his adorable mum makes him feel at once comforted. He and his mum spend hours, it seems, in an embrace, but eventually realising that the man is standing behind him he turns and quickly tells his mum about what has happened. She just stands there and laughs! â€Å"Freddy darling, I brought you to London to meet your uncle! Say hello to uncle Fred! † Freddy doesn’t reply. He looks up at his mum in complete awe but eventually pulls them both into an embrace with a sigh of relief.

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China s Health Care System - 1585 Words

According the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, â€Å"everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself†¦ including†¦medical care.† Although it is universal right, is quality health care easily accessible throughout the world? Britain, a developed nation, provides citizens with universal health care under the NHS (National Health Care System). This system has led to long wait times for patients and inadequate quality of care due to an excess of patients and a decline of doctors. Mongolia’s developing health care system grants citizens primary health care. However, due to Mongolia’s disperse and nomadic populations, citizens in rural areas do not receive the same health care†¦show more content†¦However, due to a shortage of doctors and overflow of patients, the NHS struggles to provide health care. Having to treat many patients a day, doctors are overworked. Thus, many d octors are leaving Britain in search of a better work-life balance (Cooper). This decrease of doctors is increasing wait times for patients. Only 5% of ER patients in British hospitals are treated within four hours (Barker). Doctors are so overworked that they are becoming a threat to their patients. The Mid Staffordshire hospital had 400 – 1,200 patients die between January 2005 and March 2009 due to neglect associated with doctors’ fatigue and overload (Atlas). Furthermore, NHS rationing has led to regulation of drugs. Britain has a low use of cancer drugs and a low cancer survival rate, calling to question their drug distribution. Some believe that this rationing is to limit expenses, due to the many cancer patients the NHS must treat (157, Merino). In a response to staff shortages, the NHS has hired 3,000 oversea doctors. This dependence on foreign trained doctors has led to financial pressures from difficulty in recruiting and preserving a permanent staff (Campbel l). In order to develop permanent staff, the NHS must increase incentives for health care workers, such as higher pay and benefits, to encourage more careers in health care. After the Mid Staffordshire Hospital scandal, the NHS made 290 recommendations for